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  A lot of learning opportunities, like conferences, trainings, and short courses, look a little different today than they did two months ago. No need to book a flight, no hour-long line to register, no complimentary swag or coffee. The lowered overhead to hosts is helping to drive prices down… and demand is climbing and climbing. After all, in an uncertain […]

We know that cyber trickery runs high in the remote working world we’ve found ourselves in. Today, we’re reporting a recent spike in new tactics that happen to center around one of the highest volume virtual tools on the planet right now – one we all know and love. “Zoom-bombers” are exactly what they sound […]

Whether you’re relying on Zoom a few times a week or multiple times a day every day, we think you’ll appreciate some of these tips on how to ensure the best possible experience. If you’ve been experiencing issues with connectivity or quality audio, there is a very strong chance the answer to your problem is […]

Cybercriminals are looking to cash in as hundreds of millions of people around the world are being stripped of the security of their physical office and left to their own devices – figuratively and sometimes, literally. Working remotely presents all types of opportunities for gaps or even gaping holes in security. If you are aware […]

  Week one of our new normal was a surprising success. My two children have lived to tell the tale of distance learning, and my wife and I are still speaking to each other. On the first day, I did need to explain to my eleven-year-old that brushing your teeth is still a requirement despite […]

THE WHAT 14 West’s Tech Solutions team (affectionately known as “WesTech”) designs, develops and supports the technological infrastructure that businesses rely on to remain at the forefront of the modern-day media movement. Threefold Systems, one of our international partners, is a solutions-focused design and development firm in Ireland that strives to deliver the awareness and engagement clients need to […]

  It’s Almost Valentine’s Day… Love is in the air. A lot of folks are feeling a little starry-eyed… and scammers are taking note. So be on the lookout for some of these tried and true Valentine’s Day tricks. ​The most common are phony florists, online dating scams, phony electronic greeting cards, and delivery scams. So, here are the red flags […]

  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about WesTech’s 2020 Objectives & Key Results (OKR’s.) This is the first year our team has decided to build out OKR’s and I already know it’s going to redefine the way in which we do our jobs. I love the way these have taken shape, and I […]

I started my career in tech almost ten years ago as a Network Engineer. I’ve grown from what we call a “Tier One Technician” (which is essentially someone who receives, assesses and assigns support requests) to a senior level Engineer on the 14 West Global Technologies team… or WesTech as we like to call it. […]

    “Fail Fast” & “Ready, Fire, Aim” are phrases you hear early and often in your career at 14 West. And while they’re said with a certain amount of tongue in cheek, there is truth to them. Many of the businesses we support are based on ideas, and those ideas are not always fully […]