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As a leader on 14 West’s Accounting team, it’s been a goal of mine to create an environment where my team members feel confident they can share their ideas. I want them to feel inspired and motivated to participate. I want them to feel trusted in the work they bring to the table. If they […]

If you are a digital media and/or marketing professional, the world you work in has never been a stagnant one. You’re used to constant change, adapting your approach, and evolving with the landscape. You’re on the front line, interacting with your audience, customers, and readers on a daily basis. And it’s your job to read […]

  A lot of learning opportunities, like conferences, trainings, and short courses, look a little different today than they did two months ago. No need to book a flight, no hour-long line to register, no complimentary swag or coffee. The lowered overhead to hosts is helping to drive prices down… and demand is climbing and climbing. After all, in an uncertain […]

We know that cyber trickery runs high in the remote working world we’ve found ourselves in. Today, we’re reporting a recent spike in new tactics that happen to center around one of the highest volume virtual tools on the planet right now – one we all know and love. “Zoom-bombers” are exactly what they sound […]

Whether you’re relying on Zoom a few times a week or multiple times a day every day, we think you’ll appreciate some of these tips on how to ensure the best possible experience. If you’ve been experiencing issues with connectivity or quality audio, there is a very strong chance the answer to your problem is […]

  Week one of our new normal was a surprising success. My two children have lived to tell the tale of distance learning, and my wife and I are still speaking to each other. On the first day, I did need to explain to my eleven-year-old that brushing your teeth is still a requirement despite […]

My wife, who is a teacher, has spent her entire career lamenting the fact that she cannot work from home. While she has the summers off from teaching, during the school year, she needs to be at work from 7:45 AM to 4:15 PM.  Now, all of a sudden, because of COVID-19, she is finding […]

For many, the word “internship” conjures memories of summers spent filing papers, making copies, and fetching coffee. That’s just not how we do things around here. We’ve pledged to the businesses we support that we’ll help them recruit top talent and build long, strong pipelines of talent by investing in interns. But you’ve got to […]

  It’s Almost Valentine’s Day… Love is in the air. A lot of folks are feeling a little starry-eyed… and scammers are taking note. So be on the lookout for some of these tried and true Valentine’s Day tricks. ​The most common are phony florists, online dating scams, phony electronic greeting cards, and delivery scams. So, here are the red flags […]

Whether it be a small upscale private dinner, a large conference, or a black-tie holiday party, we’ve done it. We have held events of all sizes for all types of reasons in all types of places. If you’re looking to host a group in Charm City in the near future, let us make a few […]