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I am nearly 20 years into my career, and never a dull moment. By that I don’t mean that I’m dealing with one workplace nightmare after another. I credit much of my success and fulfillment to the relationships I’ve developed over the years. I spend most of my day to day in really interesting conversations […]

You can get as quirky and cute as the day is long with your benefits marketing tactics. It might work for a lot of people – maybe even most. But there’s always going to be that untouchable audience. It could be that they don’t want to have that conversation… or it could be that they […]

Most people are afraid of failure… including those of us who claim we embrace it. This is particularly true in the workplace. No one wants to be a disappointment. And what’s worse than wasting someone’s time and money? So it’s pretty natural to feel that failure is what we call “the absolute worst.” Well, it’s not. […]

During my first week at 14 West I was fortunate enough to be a part of a meeting they called the Global Collaboration Summit. Colleagues traveled from as far away as England, Ireland and Australia to sit down and trade notes with the team I’d begun working for. Over the week, we covered a number […]

When applying to jobs it’s important to not just accept the first job that comes along. Be thorough in researching what the company can offer you. So many people focus on how to impress the company that they forget to turn the tables and see what the company can offer them. Short term you might […]

There is almost nothing worse than working for a company that you don’t feel a connection with. Most of us spend more (much more) time at work than we do anywhere else. Meaning more time spent with our colleagues and competitors than with our own families. So if you’re looking for a new job, think […]

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “knowledge is power.” Nowadays, a newer way of thinking implies that “information is power.”And it is wreaking havoc on our relationships, both personal and professional. Ever walked into a meeting and tuned into a conversation about what is going on in so-and-so’s personal life? Or been to lunch with […]

If the thought of organizing large meetings or special events completely overwhelms you… you’re probably doing one (or all) of these things wrong. We know better than anyone that planning events can be a majorly stressful challenge sometimes. Especially when a lot of people are pulling you in different directions about the vision for the […]

There’s the well-lit, well-paved, and pleasant path. There’s the bumpy-but-looks-like-fun path. And then sometimes there’s just something seen in the distance – and no path at all. At least not yet. And that’s where we come in. Whether you’re a business leader, a business builder, or someone just starting out in your career, you’ve likely […]