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Ever wonder what the number one challenge is for an organization?  Heck, it is the number one challenge of parents, spouses, friends,… everyone. It’s communication. While I was in New York a few years ago to speak at a global HR summit, this topic came up in conversation with two of the guests from Brazil. They seemed so in […]

  Week one of our new normal was a surprising success. My two children have lived to tell the tale of distance learning, and my wife and I are still speaking to each other. On the first day, I did need to explain to my eleven-year-old that brushing your teeth is still a requirement despite […]

THE WHAT 14 West’s Tech Solutions team (affectionately known as “WesTech”) designs, develops and supports the technological infrastructure that businesses rely on to remain at the forefront of the modern-day media movement. Threefold Systems, one of our international partners, is a solutions-focused design and development firm in Ireland that strives to deliver the awareness and engagement clients need to […]

Whether it be a small upscale private dinner, a large conference, or a black-tie holiday party, we’ve done it. We have held events of all sizes for all types of reasons in all types of places. If you’re looking to host a group in Charm City in the near future, let us make a few […]

Anyone who has ever worked within or around 14 West has probably experienced the benefits of being completely enveloped by ideas and creativity. The people that tend to do well here have the ability to take a step outside of their comfort zone. In fact, they tend to enjoy it quite a lot… even after […]

A couple of months ago we talked a little bit about the Dos and Don’ts of Leadership Development. But looking back at the last read, we realized that we forgot to mention one of our favorite “dos”. So in an effort to make it up to you, we’re going to tell you one of our favorite […]

You’ve probably heard the term “employee wellness” used around your office. Over the last 10 years, employee wellness programs have become more and more popular as employers start to recognize the benefits of having healthier employees. Obvious paybacks include less sick days, lowers health care costs, and happier employees. And then there’s the allure the […]

If the thought of organizing large meetings or special events completely overwhelms you… you’re probably doing one (or all) of these things wrong. We know better than anyone that planning events can be a majorly stressful challenge sometimes. Especially when a lot of people are pulling you in different directions about the vision for the […]