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At the core of 14 West’s heritage and culture is a deep value for the sense of freedom and fulfillment which comes with accountability. As employers and workplace builders, we believe in giving people the tools and support (and space) to take the wheel and drive when it comes to both their professional and personal […]

On Thursday, 14 West was recognized by The Baltimore Sun as one of the city’s Top Workplaces for the 8th consecutive year. This became public information on Sunday, and yesterday a handful of you asked why we hadn’t announced this ourselves. Well, there is a reason we’ve never announced these awards in the past… and it’s a pretty good one. […]

I spent the summer after college teaching in Ecuador. I didn’t have any friends or family there, I didn’t own a smartphone, and I certainly didn’t have any plans for my return home. But I did have a Bachelor’s in English, a couple years of Spanish classes under my belt, and a whole lot of […]

We’ve told you a bit about our Employee Wellness Program in the past. You might wonder what makes our program any different from other workplace wellness programs. The first thing you should know about how we run our program… we never lose sight of the fact that in order for the program to be successful, […]

You’ve probably heard the term “employee wellness” used around your office. Over the last 10 years, employee wellness programs have become more and more popular as employers start to recognize the benefits of having healthier employees. Obvious paybacks include less sick days, lowers health care costs, and happier employees. And then there’s the allure the […]

You can get as quirky and cute as the day is long with your benefits marketing tactics. It might work for a lot of people – maybe even most. But there’s always going to be that untouchable audience. It could be that they don’t want to have that conversation. It could be that they leave that […]