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The freedom that 14 West Financial Services affords entrepreneurs has been a key ingredient in the growth strategies behind more than 20 privately owned media enterprises around the world. Our approach is simple; in everything we do we are comprehensive, creative, and competitive. There is no facet of the financial world that we haven’t experienced. Our unique structure allows us to be more agile and able to adapt quickly to growth and change. Business goals of any size, scope or complexity are what drives us. We want the companies we work with to think of us as partners, not providers.

Services include:

  • Federal & State Tax and Compliance Services
  • Budget Analysis and Planning
  • Cash and Inventory Management
  • Multi-Currency General Ledger Accounting
  • Cash, Credit Card, Direct Debit, etc. Sales Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable & Invoice Processing and Payment
  • Corporate Structure Strategies
  • Monthly Financial Statement Preparation & Analysis along with Year-End Audit Work
  • Internal Control Assessments & Best Practices Implementation