Tech & Media

November 15th, 2018 wwAdmin14w

14 West Tech & Media Solutions offers a range of products and services for publishing in the digital age. Everything we do is flexibly designed to support media businesses of any size and scope with the agility and speed the industry demands. And while we have a passion for progressive ingenuity, we also strive to design solutions that last.

We believe in perpetually looking forward while maintaining a firm grasp on the security and stability of the business today. We invest in our client relationships first and above all else because without them, we cannot deliver thoughtful, effective solutions. It is at the same time a relentless challenge and the reason we love what we do. Here we have the freedom to explore, test and introduce new ideas in:

  • Enterprise System Support – Enterprise Systems & Application Support
  • Endpoint Systems Engineering & Management
  • Customer Relationship Management Services
  • Business Intelligence
  • Network & Vulnerability Scanning
  • System & Business Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • UX/ UI Support & Design