VIDEO | A Look Inside the 14 West Financial Services Team

July 08th, 2019 Allison Benson O' Brien

We do things differently. We always have.  And our Financial Services team is no exception.

If you have an education and background in Accounting, but the thought of working in a traditional accounting office bores you to tears….frankly, we get it. Fortunately, we don’t have that problem. On any given day, we work alongside as many as 20 different businesses in different industries. The one thing they all have in common –  a constant need for creative solutions. Enter: 14 West Financial Services.

For 14 West Financial Services, there is no one size fits all approach. To be a member of this team, you’ve got to have the skills and knowledge. But more importantly, you’ve got to be ready to think outside of the box and voice new ideas…. however unconventional they may be.

On this team, the stuffy cubicles and pantsuits are obsolete. Work-life wellness is a priority. The opportunity for growth is massive, and comes quickly… for the right people.

Just take a listen to what their leader, Bob Compton, has to say about it. We’ve never seen Bob Compton as a typical CFO. His role and passion for 14 West and the businesses we support goes far beyond the numbers. He’s been here for 20 years now…. And he’s stuck around because he not only believes in this organization, but he’s inspired by it. He believes in the people, the work, and our vision for the future.

Watch these videos for a deeper look into their work and a chance to hear from a few members of the team.


If you like what you’re hearing and think 14 West might be the place for you, keep an eye on our job board. You can click here to view all of our open positions, and if you want an even deeper look into our workplace, you can find more videos like this one on our YouTube channel and Instagram.

Allison Benson O' Brien

Director of Communications at 14 West

“Always look for the opportunity to learn something. Ask ‘why?’ when told 'no'. And stand behind the ideas you believe in.”

I am a Baltimore native with an appetite for travel, and a true glutton for good stories. I use language in all mediums to solve problems, make broken things work again, and deliver results that matter.

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