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Ever wonder what the number one challenge is for an organization?  Heck, it is the number one challenge of parents, spouses, friends,… everyone. It’s communication. While I was in New York a few years ago to speak at a global HR summit, this topic came up in conversation with two of the guests from Brazil. They seemed so in […]

Each company that we support is unique. They’re interesting in their own way and filled with interesting people. But ask us, “What makes The Oxford Club so interesting?” and we’ll ask you… “How much time have you got?” To start, the name The Oxford Club isn’t just a cool name. Their business truly is a […]

Most companies regularly review their employee’s performance. But, how often do they ask their employees to review the company? It’s common practice for this to be done in an exit interview. But by then, it’s kind of “too little, too late”…… right? I believe the key is to find out how employees think and feel […]

When applying to jobs it’s important to not just accept the first job that comes along. Be thorough in researching what the company can offer you. So many people focus on how to impress the company that they forget to turn the tables and see what the company can offer them. Short term you might […]

There is almost nothing worse than working for a company that you don’t feel a connection with. Most of us spend more (much more) time working than we do anything else. This means more time spent with our colleagues and competitors than with our own families. If you’re looking for a new job, think about […]