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Right now, most work and socializing are done virtually. There are fewer boundaries between work and home, and Zoom has become the standing host for every happy hour, book club, and birthday party in your calendar. At times it can feel like the “person” in our personal life has gotten lost somewhere in a swarm […]

  Week one of our new normal was a surprising success. My two children have lived to tell the tale of distance learning, and my wife and I are still speaking to each other. On the first day, I did need to explain to my eleven-year-old that brushing your teeth is still a requirement despite […]

We’ve told you a bit about our Employee Wellness Program in the past. You might wonder what makes our program any different from other workplace wellness programs. The first thing you should know about how we run our program… we never lose sight of the fact that in order for the program to be successful, […]