Get To Know About Us

Comprised of Personnel & Talent, Legal, Financial, Global Technologies, Information Security, Communications, Marketing, Operations, and Management experts, 14 West offers business leaders the services of seasoned administrative professionals. While they focus on growing their enterprises through new ideas, we ensure the well being of their workplace.

In other words, companies supported by 14 West enjoy the unique luxury to do the work they want to do rather than the work they have to do.

Just like those companies, 14 West was the product of an idea and a small group of passionate people. It was 2001, and Corporate America was abuzz with all of the latest tactics and technologies for streamlining administrative costs and growing margins. But instead of rejoicing, we paused.

We simply weren’t convinced by these cash-and-carry strategies for building infrastructure. And we prefer the idea of people, not machines, managing the well being of other people.

Fifteen years later, 14 West still supports those very entrepreneurs, our employees, and more than 20 other enterprises around the world. And our passion only continues to grow. With a unique approach to a business management service that is thoughtful, thorough, and yet agile, we’ve got a proven track record of success that spans a wide range of industries all around the world.

Our client portfolio includes:

Banyan Hill
Dent Research
Oxford Club
Wall Street Daily
Money Map Press
Stansberry Research
Casey Research
Agora Financial
Laissez Faire Books
Institute for Natural Healing
Palm Beach Research Group
Omni Vista Health
Port Philip Publishing
Fleet Street Publications
Publications Agora France
International Living
Threefold Systems
Agora Integrated Marketing (AIM)
Inversor Global
Empiricus Research
New Market Group

Photographie du Château de Courtomer par Thomas Michard.