The Agora Companies at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019

February 03rd, 2019 Allison Benson O' Brien

The Agora Companies at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019

For the last 6 months, our Communications and Talent teams have been working together on the single largest recruitment event investment ever made on behalf of The Agora Companies. These businesses are growing (all 40+ of them) at a rapid pace, both domestically and internationally. Trying to fuel them with the right talent is an ever-growing challenge. At any given time, the 14 West Talent team is working to fill between 80-100 career opportunities.

Fortunately, reaching people isn’t the issue. Often times, they’re coming to us. Just about anyone who considers themselves a digital marketer or copywriter knows that getting into an Agora Company can be life-changing. But reaching the right people – people who can thrive in the organized chaos of The Agora-sphere and will capitalize on every opportunity this network creates for you – isn’t exactly a walk in the park. At least not in our normal day-to-day. But T&C is anything but normal.

If you’ve ever attended Traffic & Conversion, you know it’s a beast of an event. This year they’re expecting more than 6,500 people to show up in San Diego to learn, connect and party with dozens of the world’s most influential marketers over the course of three days. To see it done at all – let alone so well – is truly a thing of beauty. We completely appreciated that even before we decided to throw ourselves into the squall. Since then, it’s been a wild ride and we’ve still got a few weeks to go. But with each step, we’ve only grown more confident this is going to pay off in dividends.


For one thing, we’ve got a great product. Aside from being the largest network for private research, marketing and media businesses on the planet and collectively grossing over 1.5 billion dollars, The Agora Companies tend to be great workplaces… award-winning, in fact. But, this year we’ve invested in developing the brand and message. (Maybe you’ve noticed? But just wait. We’re getting ready to announce the relaunch of Now we’re able to engage with people more easily and on a more meaningful level than ever before.

Which makes this the ideal time for us to take to a stage like T&C.

It’s important to note that our biggest goal here is not just to hire people – we’re only interested in exceptional people. We don’t have to tell you that the marketing world is ever-evolving and things change overnight. To stay sharp and ahead of the next wave takes a little humility (because no one knows it all, and no one ever will)… and a whole lot of effort. So, we look at it this way. If someone has traveled to San Diego to spend three or four days learning, that’s a good start.

What You Can Expect

Then there’s the fact that more than 100 Agoreans are going to be attending. In other words, we’ve got all of these touch points flowing throughout this massive sea of people. And no one better understands the rare breed of business-minded marketers and media talent we need than our own people.

Still, we’d be crazy not to give them a means of continuing that conversation before getting on a plane, flying back to wherever they came from, and that first interaction becomes “that time I met this awesome guy who offered to connect me with The Agora Companies.” This is where the booths come into play. If you’re planning to attend, you can find us in two locations. The larger of our two booths is in the Grand Foyer, front and center. And the second booth will be stationed just outside of the Marriott’s Marina B Ballroom, which brings us to the next reason we know T&C is going to be huge for us.

Two of the best possible living examples of marketing mavens at The Agora Companies are Brian York and Grant Perry, and they’ll be hosting a talk of their own on Day 2 of the Summit… you guessed it… in the Marina B Ballroom. They’ll be spilling all their best secrets when it comes to “Plugging Revenue Leaks to Maximize Your Ad Spend and Create an Air-Tight Funnel” in front of a room of 300+ attendees. If you plan to be one of them, be sure to stop and chat on your way out. We definitely want to connect, and we’re coming armed with all kinds of ways to do just that, including a collaboration with Baltimore-based Pixilated and their PixiCloud. That’s an entirely different story, but a cool one. So more to come on that. Stay tuned. 

In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on the 14 West Facebook and Instagram accounts over the 24th – 27th to follow our hunt for extraordinary talent in the Golden State.



Allison Benson O' Brien

Director of Communications at 14 West

“Ask “why?” when told “no.” Always learn something. And stand behind the ideas you believe in.”

My job allows me a lot of creative freedom. And that can be a lot of fun, but there’s also some self-inflicted pressure that comes along with the role. Fortunately, my team includes some brilliant people and a few clowns; so we not only get the job done – we laugh every day. And I think our work is stronger because of that. We take the positivity, the humor and the passion we have in our office and find a way to share it with the workplaces we support. Whether it’s through an event, a marketing piece, a partnership, a post… even a piece of swag. And it works.
My team and I have watched the companies we support to go on to become recognized as top workplaces by their communities and local media. It feels good to know that this is in part due to our efforts.

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